A degree educated professional with 27 years experience in the electronics/semiconductor industry. Starting as a hardware design engineer designing control and instrumentation equipment, and then moving on to Man Machine Interface products for the control industry.

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Networking & 5G

Recycling Waste Diamonds - Blog

November 26, 2018

Encapsulating radioactive material in diamonds turns nuclear waste into a long-term supply of clean energy, the Atomic Battery to fans of Science Fiction.


Real engineering requires a bucket! - Other

March 03, 2017

When you are working on proving the feasibility of a project, you sometimes need to think on your feet. The solution to the immediate problem doesn't...


How to make your super car go faster! - Other

January 13, 2017

Have you ever thought how you would improve the performance of a Lamborghini? Spend a few moments and think about it now. I bet none of you said, "sup...

Articles 1 - 3