Business Development Engineer

OnBoard Security

Lee is responsible for technical support and business development of OnBoard Security's TCG Software Stack 2.0 (TrustSentry 2.0) and OnBoard Security's post-quantum cryptography (NTRU and pqNTRUsign). Lee is also a long time member of the Trusted Computing Group where he has chaired the TCG Software Stack and Virtualized Platform workgroups for several years. In 2016, Lee received the TCG's "Key Contributor Award" for his long term leadership and technical contributions to that organization.

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Securing Industrial IoT Sensors, Part 2: Trusted Software Stack - Story

August 30, 2018

A series has been developed to cover the trusted platform module, trusted software stack (TSS) and the Trusted Computing Group's DICE architecture. This second installment addresses the TSS.

Articles 1 - 1