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CMO, VP Marketing, VP IoT, VP Products, Research Director, Chief Strategy Officer As an research director and advisor, I cover marketing strategy, org, budget, and content, social, and web marketing bringing a broader range of insights to bear on topics pertaining to B2B CMO priorities. I am a strong advocate of agile marketing, tightly coupled sales and marketing groups, and dedicated sales enablement functions.

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Software & OS

Shift-left your safety-critical software testing with test automation - Other

September 05, 2017

The trend in major safety-critical projects shows exponential growth in total costs, with software being a larger portion of the total year-over-year development budget.


Virtual labs offer cost-effective IoT device testing - Other

August 15, 2017

Building a realistic physical testing lab environment is difficult, and even when complete, it becomes the main bottleneck in system testing. Virtual labs remove this bottleneck.

Articles 1 - 2