Director Product Strategy

Renesas Electronics Corporation

I have over 20 years of experience with industry leaders and startups in bringing complex B2B technology products to the industrial and consumer markets and building high-performing teams that scale the business. I have created a product category from the ground up, going from 0 to $200M annual revenue. I have quadrupled new opportunity and generated thousands of leads and hundreds of design wins. In multiples instances, I have redefined strategies that led to turn around .

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Machine Vision in the mW Range Makes IoT Endpoint Inferencing Practical - Story

June 12, 2020

IoT endpoints lie at the frontier of embedded vision. And, as with other frontiers, there are challenges, not least of which is power efficiency.


The Internet of Learning Things - Blog

August 10, 2018

When did artificial intelligence become popular again?


Inside Dr. Edge and Mr. Cloud - Story

May 31, 2018

Performance at the node is becoming less of an issue, and whether at the node or in a gateway, the edge is becoming smarter.

Software & OS

The softwarization of hardware - Story

April 13, 2018

Making hardware programmable has made great strides over the past two centuries.

Articles 1 - 4