Embedded database professional with 25+ years of experience in roles ranging from programmer/consultant to VP of engineering, to president/COO and currently entrepeneur of McObject LLC, an in-memory embedded database vendor. Particularly interested in contacts with other embedded systems middleware vendors for exploration of potential alliances.

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Change Data Capture in Embedded Databases - Story

July 13, 2020

Change Data Capture (CDC) is broadly defined as tracking changes in a database. The purposes of tracking changes are many and varied.


Comparing Optimistic and Pessimistic Concurrency - Story

June 02, 2020

Usually (with rare exception), a database is a shared resource, meaning that it is used concurrently by two or more tasks.


Distributed Database Systems Relevance to the Internet of Things - Blog

December 05, 2019

A distributed database system is one in which the data belonging to a single logical database is distributed to two or more physical databases.


The IoT technology piece no one is talking about - Other

March 24, 2016

Do an image search on Bing or Google for "Internet of Things Building Blocks" or similar and you'll find a plethora of visual depictions of tools and...

Articles 1 - 4