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Debug & Test

Comments and Debug Code - Blog

February 15, 2021

Developing software for embedded systems takes time – generally more time than initially expected.

Software & OS

embedded world 2021: Operating Systems for Embedded Applications - News

February 09, 2021

Operating systems are integrated into most modern embedded applications that are employed today.


Multicore and OpenAMP - Story

January 27, 2021

Every embedded system is different. And so, as multicore designs become increasingly common, almost to the point of being mainstream, different hardware and software architectures are evolving.

Open Source

Using Linux in Medical Devices - Whitepaper

December 14, 2020

Linux continues to be the leading choice for embedded device operating systems but the decision to choose Linux for use in a medical device setting includes the additional considerations of patient...


New Mentor Solution Lowers Cost and Speeds Development of Automotive Cockpit Systems - News

November 03, 2020

VCO2S is a comprehensive software, systems and hardware service offering that integrates instrument cluster and infotainment systems on single high-compute ECU with enhanced safety/security focus.

Software & OS

Pitfalls in C: Declaring Variables - Blog

October 23, 2020

C is the most commonly used language for embedded, with good reason. It is expressive, compact and powerful. With care, it is possible to write very clear, readable code. But there are pitfalls.

Debug & Test

Readability Beats Debugging - Blog

September 22, 2020

When writing code, your first priority should be readability. A lot of time is spent debugging and maintaining code, often far more than was spent writing it in the first place.