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AI & Machine Learning

The Future of Autonomy Needs Open Standards - Blog

January 04, 2023

OpenVX 1.3 is the modern solution the industry needs for automating computer vision and perception tasks. But first, what is computer vision, and why is it important?

Open Source

Khronos Releases New NNEF Convertors, Extensions, and Model Zoo - Press Release

August 28, 2019

Significant expansion of NNEF ecosystem for bringing trained neural networks into inference engines.


Khronos Accelerates Development of Open Standard 3D Ecosystem at SIGGRAPH - News

August 14, 2019

3D Commerce Initiative becomes official Khronos Working Group; WebGL releases significant range of new extensions.


Khronos Releases OpenXR 1.0 Specification Establishing a Foundation for the AR and VR Ecosystem - Press Release

August 14, 2019

Final specifications and shipping implementations freely available today; Growing adoption from XR industry and expanding ecosystem support.