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Understand Consumer vs. Commercial vs. Industrial vs. Military - Story

July 19, 2022

On the surface, it may not appear that there’s a difference between consumer versus commercial versus industrial versus military product grades, particularly at the component level. But I assure you there are vast differences. The distinctions are important because they significantly affect reliability, endurance, and total cost of ownership over time.


Road to embedded world: WINSYSTEMS - Blog

April 27, 2022

On our last stop on the road to embedded world we’re visiting WINSYSTEMS to see their US-made industrial COM Express Type 10 mini modules and carrier cards.


Defining the Right Amount of Compute Power for AI at the Edge - Story

April 19, 2022

We’ve spent lots of time discussing the Edge of the IoT, particularly what processes should be handled at the Edge versus those that are better performed in the Cloud. And you’ve probably noticed the focus moving increasingly more toward the Edge, as compute capability grows.


Understand When COTS Will Suffice Rather Than Custom - Blog

March 24, 2022

COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the embedded computer industry, particularly on the hardware side. COTS products are optimized for efficient, sometimes volume, production and come with a predetermined amount of functionality and I/O capabilities designed to meet the majority of computing needs of a broader market.

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Board Provider or Embedded SOLUTIONS Provider? - Blog

March 10, 2022

No two embedded applications are the same. Hence, no two solutions should be the same.


Industrial COM Express Type 10 Mini Module with Intel Atom E3900 Processor - Product

May 19, 2021

The COMeT10-3900 is a low power industrial COM module designed and manufactured in the USA.