Upcoming Virtual Events

Sponsored by: DigiKey
May 29, 2024 11AM EDT (in 3 days)
In the world of IoT, “things” often need to work within limited power resources. While this can be a challenge, with careful hardware and software optimization IoT devices can work reliably off-grid for months–even years–at a time. In this online training course, presenter Jeremy Cook will go over h...
Sponsored by: Microchip
Jun 18, 2024 2PM EDT (in 23 days, 3 hours)
AI is one of the most complex technologies embedded developers must tackle. Integrating it into your system brings with it so many questions and not so many answers. In this monthly series, Embedded Computing Design will look to simplify the design process, as much as that’s possible.
Sponsored by: DFI, ST Microelectronics
Jun 20, 2024 11AM EDT (in 25 days)
There are still many questions surrounding the automobile of tomorrow. Should the car be completely controlled by software versus a mix of hardware and software? Should it contain one central compute box versus disparate MCUs controlling each individual subsystem? How do we design something that can...