Senior Software Engineer


Erik Tamlin is a Senior Software Engineer at Percepio AB. He’s responsible for QA, releases, and the design of the Percepio TraceRecorder used by Tracealyzer.

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Debug & Test

How Continuous Observability Unlocks Remote Debugging Superpowers - Blog

April 29, 2024

As an embedded software engineer at Percepio frequently supporting our customers, I've witnessed first-hand the debugging nightmares developers often face when working with RTOS-based firmware. The complexities of large multi-threaded software systems can make debugging an incredibly frustrating and time-consuming experience. Sometimes you don’t even know where to begin, what parts of the code to focus the debugging on. You step through thousands of code lines without finding any explanation. If you are lucky, you finally spot some clue that gets you on the right track, but it might have taken you several days or weeks to get this far.

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