Senior Firmware Engineer

VOLANSYS Technologies

Hitesh Mathukiya is a Senior Firmware Engineer at VOLANSYS, an ACL Digital Company. His major contribution lies in the Embedded Domain, including product development services on different IoT, Automotive applications, and home appliance-based products, using languages like C, C++, and Python. He has an in-depth knowledge of Linux, RTOS, and Bare Metal-based applications and driver development. With over 7 years of experience in embedded software, IoT, he brings valuable expertise to his role.

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Software & OS

Choosing the Right Build System: GNU Make, CMake, Ninja, and Meson - Blog

September 12, 2023

Build Systems are vital tools in software development that automate the process of compiling and converting source code (.c/.cpp) into executable (.exe) and binary (.bin) files. They play a crucial role in managing project dependencies, handling source code compilation, and ensuring the efficient and reliable creation of large and complex software projects.

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