Senior Engineer

VOLANSYS Technologies

Kailas Kharse is associated with VOLANSYS Technologies as Senior Engineer. He has 7+ years of experience working on different Linux, Android, and KaiOS based projects, which include boot time optimization, Recovery Implementations, eMBMS implementation on feature phones, and more. He also has experience working on different SoCs from different manufacturers such as Qualcomm, TI, NXP, and Xilinx.

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Best Practices of Porting Android OS to Embedded Platforms - Blog

February 16, 2021

Android is the popular smartphone operating system and it is taking over the tablet, automotive, smart TV, wearables, home appliances, gaming console market, and more. It offers distinct yet familiar experiences for embedded platforms, ranging from the smallest smartwatch screens to larger displays on foldable and chromebooks, to in-car entertainment systems, and up to the largest television screens. Android OS powered medical devices are also widely accepted in the healthcare industry. Thus, the porting of Android OS to the embedded platforms has recently garnered a lot of attention.

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