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Mike Georgoff is the Chief Business Officer at Hologram where he is responsible for the product, design and revenue teams. He brings deep experience from high-growth startups, joining Hologram in 2021 from H-E-B, one of the country’s largest retailers, where he served as the Chief Product Officer, building out their digital and e-commerce capabilities to compete head to head with Amazon and Whole Foods.

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Understanding The Total Cost of Ownership of Your IoT Deployment to Optimize Your Spend - Blog

October 26, 2022

Businesses worldwide are rapidly adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) with the global IoT market growing 22% 1 last year alone and expectations to surpass $500 billion before 2027. But as inflationary pressures mount, cost is on the minds of most IoT fleet managers. For many of those embarking on their first deployments, the full scope of decisions associated with putting a fleet of connected devices into the field can be daunting.

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