Co-founder and CTO

BG Networks

Dr. Roman Lysecky is Co-founder and CTO of BG Networks and Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona. He is an expert on embedded systems, IoT security, medical device security, automated threat detection and mitigation, performance and energy optimization, and non-intrusive observation methods.

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Strategies for the Future of Automotive Penetration Testing - Blog

June 07, 2023

As security requirements and legislation for auto manufacturers continue to increase, so does the demand for penetration testing, or "pentesting." Pentesting is becoming a requirement for all new Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that need to be cyber-secure, but the rising cost of pentesting is a major concern. This is due to the growing number of devices that must be tested, the limited number of available penetration testers with the appropriate skills, and the lack of automated tools.

Articles 1 - 1