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Introduction of Wear Leveling - Story

August 06, 2019

There are three types of Wear Leveling: Dynamic, Static and Global.


Memory Card Standards Migrate Toward High Speed PCI Express - Story

June 11, 2019

These standards with PCI Express interfaces give the two memory card standards a new life and opportunity in the future digital mass storage world.


A Resilient Error Correction Scheme for 3D TLC NAND - Story

May 06, 2019

Due to the complexity of 3D structures, several kinds of errors can occur. Especially in high-capacity systems, these issues require NAND flash controllers and advanced error correction algorithms.


Do You Have a S.M.A.R.T. Tool for Your SSD? - Story

April 02, 2019

S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a monitoring system included for SSDs that detects and reports on various indicators of drive reliability.


Introduction of Power Loss Protection Function on SSD - Blog

March 08, 2019

Power Loss Protection (PLP) is a mechanism to ensure that the data is not lost while the SSD is writing data when a sudden power failure occurs.


The Features of Storage Products in Embedded and Industrial Applications - Blog

February 11, 2019

Embedded or industrial storage devices are highly customized products, and that?s because they need to fulfill a variety of industries, platforms and specifications.


Memory Cards -- Speed Grade Standards - Story

January 16, 2019

Would you know which card is the best choice for your device? It is extremely important to choose the most suitable SD card for your mobile phone, tablet, PC, camera, digital camera, etc.

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An Introduction to TBW - Terabytes Written - Blog

January 02, 2019

Terabytes Written, or TBW, is the total amount of terabytes data that a Solid-State Drive (SSD) can write in its lifetime.


Get High Reliability from Your High-Density Flash - Blog

October 16, 2018

NAND flash memory is the most popular non-volatile storage element that can be electrically programmed/re-programmed and erased.

Articles 1 - 9