Senior Staff Engineer, IoT Software

Silicon Labs

I enjoy building software for computers, both large and small. I am happy to have a job where I work with both Linux packet routers and small ARM Cortex and 8051 MCUs. I strive to understand the entire computing stack from CPU architecture to Web technology. Software quality and team productivity is important to me. I firmly believe in using the best tools available to support those values. I'm a strong proponent of continuous integration, automated testing and code reviews.

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Danalock & Silicon Labs Case Study - Embedded Computing - Story

October 05, 2018

To develop the most secure door lock possible, Danalock turned to Z-Wave?s newest security protocol ? S2 ? to achieve that goal.


Security and backwards compatibility, and how we designed Z-Wave to maintain both - Blog

October 04, 2018

Z-Wave Security 2 ensures all new Z-Wave products come with the best security level. Together with security, backwards compatibility is a core value and a celebrated engineering principle.

Articles 1 - 2