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Embedded World 2016: Android in Embedded? - Other

February 18, 2016

The blogosphere has been very quiet on the featuring of Android-powered embedded devices at Embedded World 2016 so far. To be candid, I was one of the...


Embedded World 2016: Win 10 prices itself out of embedded market? - Other

February 16, 2016

My concerns all began when reviewing the announcements for Windows 10 IoT (a label that inexplicably applies to an entire range, yet is only really re...


What I want to see at Embedded World 2016 - Other

February 15, 2016

"IoT", "M2M", and "Industrie 4.0″ are a few obvious examples of the plethora of buzzwords I've little doubt I will be visually assaulted with as I m...

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Linux: Not for license dodgers - Other

February 14, 2016

Far more consideration than license cost is required for inexperienced would-be Linux migrators. Sadly, the response to most "Why are you considering...


Embedded World 2016: Advances in electronic displays - Other

February 12, 2016

With a dedicated section showcasing innovation specifically relating to how most of us personally interface with an embedded system - a display - Embe...


Embedded World 2016: Arms race of resistive and capacitive touchscreens gains new ammunition - Other

February 10, 2016

Touchscreens are an embedded subsector that sees few incremental technology improvements; thus, announcements are typically restricted to fundamental...


Embedded World 2016: Key things to see at EW 2016 - Other

February 08, 2016

Welcome to this year's "What to see at Embedded World 2016" blog. Over the next two weeks I'll unveil fundamental advances in electronic design engine...

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Conflict Minerals legislation: A box ticking fallacy - Other

January 18, 2016

Is conflict minerals legislation really enforceable, or a box ticking fallacy? And is it unconstitutional? Electronics manufacturers across the globe...


The Risks of Blurring Embedded, Industrial, and Desktop Systems - Other

January 12, 2016

The lines between the once traditional separations of embedded and industrial computing blurred some years ago. The definitions once were as simple as...


Post-project reviews: Developing a feedback mechanism - Other

January 04, 2016

At the start of my customer-facing career I suffered from an eagerness to please and an avoidance of disappointing clients that today I still see repe...


Singing to your data: A new generation of acoustic memory technology - Other

December 04, 2015

The most exciting technology to fit the memory market since flash harkens back to Alan Turing's early computing technology. It's a tenuous argument th...


NFC: Now for children? - Other

December 01, 2015

Near field communication (NFC) combined with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology is creating a generation of mini-consumers; whilst good fo...


Perceptual computing in industrial embedded systems - Other

November 19, 2015

Perceptual computing, as described in AMD's white paper "Perceptual Computing: Inflection Point for Embedded Applications", holds possibilities and pi...


PCAP versus Resistive - Let the battle commence! - Video

November 12, 2015

Join us as we test how rugged the most popular industrial touchscreen technologies truly are, from aggressive stabs of the innocent biro to more malic...


Why companies should focus on their core competency - Other

November 10, 2015

When something is outside a company's core competency it's time to outsource in order to save time, money, and risk. "To outsource, or not to outsourc...


SPS IPC Drives: Revealing an automated future - Other

October 21, 2015

Far from being happy to live in the shadow of Nuremberg Messe's marquee embedded event, Embedded World, SPS IPC Drives annually hosts around 1,500 exh...


UAVs, signal processing, and traceability at DSEI 2015 - Other

September 18, 2015

Security was tighter than ever entering DSEI 2015 in London, which was the perfect way to pay homage to the embedded innovation that underpinned much...

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A history of development kits and community support - Other

September 07, 2015

Back as a fresh-faced 18-year-old in his first days in the embedded industry, I quickly learnt students and hobbyists were considered little more than...


Smart, adaptive manufacturing with connected devices - Other

August 28, 2015

Connected production technologies allow manufacturers to satisfy consumers' needs of tomorrow. Historically, best production practices predominantly f...


Scalable security requirements of connected devices - Other

August 07, 2015

Multiple levels of security must combine both via the cloud and locally between devices to satisfy the growing capability of IoT. Once upon a time, fr...

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