Distinguished Engineer, Connected Secure Systems Div.


Senior architect. Visionary leader in networking and security. Expert at catalyzing industry-wide change. Frequent speaker at leading conferences such as RSA and Interop. Author of numerous technical papers and standards including IETF RFCs 2730 and 5793 and Trusted Computing Group IF-IMC and IF-IMV. Member of IETF's Security Area Directorate. Holder of 43 U.S. patents.

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Combine Matter with the Latest Sensors for a Secure Smart Home - Story

June 22, 2022

Matter matters. If you’re a designer/developer of smart-home products, you know exactly what we’re referring to. For those unfamiliar, Matter is a standard that’s aimed at the smart-home market, with the end goal of providing smart-home products that are secure, reliable, and seamless to use.


Implementing Improved Security and Connectivity for the Smart Home - Blog

September 27, 2021

The smart home continues to evolve in available functions and complexity as several different connectivity protocols from numerous suppliers target a variety of products for use in smart homes.


Business IoT and what it means to secure software updates - Blog

October 23, 2018

Security will deliver consumer confidence


Secure your Industrial IoT sensors, or else! - Story

May 21, 2018

Upcoming workshop goes through many of the details behind securing your sensor nodes, particularly in industrial environments.


Protecting routers and other network equipment - Story

April 11, 2018

Trusted Computing Group has developed a guidance document for networked equipment security. For example, how a TPM can establish device ID with private keys stored inside the tamper-resistant TPM.

Open Source

TPM and trust in the new Industrial Internet Security Framework - Other

November 01, 2016

With the goal of enabling and accelerating the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has placed security high...

Articles 1 - 6