Sr. Marketing Manager


Currently involved, and extensive experience with sales and product/corporate marketing in leading-edge technology spaces. Launched several continuing online industry-specific publications and organized associated executive level industry conferences. Established a successful strategic, market, and corporate communications/public relations consulting practice for selective companies in the LED, solid state lighting and compound semiconductor industries.

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Analog & Power

Why closed-loop sensing provides the best white color-tuning performance in LED lights at the lowest cost - Blog

July 26, 2018

With the rapid decline in the dollar-per-kilolumen price of LEDs, the economics of LED lighting have turned decisively in favor of white color tuning in commercial and high-end residential lighting.


The IoT in smart homes will depend upon lighting - Other

September 07, 2015

Moving our homes into the Internet of Things (IoT) century and making them truly smart will require easy-to-implement IoT connectivity. Fortunately, t...

Articles 1 - 2