Chief Commercial Officer

WaveMaker, Inc.

Vikram Srivats is an intrapreneurial business executive with a ~20-year proven track record in incubating and revitalizing hi-tech and enterprise software businesses for long-term salience - by a) deliberately visualizing a desired state, b) shaping sharp market propositions, c) identifying, influencing and coaching high-potential teams, and d) orchestrating transformation and personally driving wins.

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Open Source

10 Low-Code Rules for Serious Coders - Blog

November 21, 2022

After the grueling stress test of a global pandemic, corporations must now contend with the stresses of a war and a weakening macroeconomic environment and yet transform to become modern, composable, and competitive enterprises. Technology executives at the center of this transformation are pursuing bold yet pragmatic strategies, including building and scaling new software-driven business capabilities quickly. For them, the holy grail seems to be democratizing software application development itself – with low-code/no-code (LCNC) approaches – to deliver at speed and at scale to the business.

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