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Networking & 5G

5 Benefits of Using Portable Modems for Internet Connection - Story

April 14, 2020

Portable routers and WiFi modems are increasingly chosen as a more convenient and reliable options.


Gauging the IoT Mobile App Market - Story

February 21, 2020

Mobile application development and the Internet of Things has been at its peak for the past several years.

AI & Machine Learning

Decentralized Intelligence: How Enterprises Can Leverage AI & Blockchain in Mobile App Development? - Story

February 13, 2020

Digital transformation covers various industries in many countries of the world. Let?s take the technologies of AI and blockchain for instance, that are becoming widespread nowadays.


Reinventing Automotive Software with Model-Based Design - Story

February 06, 2020

As the complexity of embedded systems increases, automotive software engineers face pressure to pursue competing goals.

Articles 1 - 4