5 Benefits of Using Portable Modems for Internet Connection

By Yaryna Myrka

Content Marketing Manager

April 14, 2020


Portable routers and WiFi modems are increasingly chosen as a more convenient and reliable options.

The desire of a modern person to stay online 24/7 stimulates the development of the gadget market, the purpose of which is to provide the user with the common amenities in the form of Internet access and wireless Wi-Fi connection. 

A few options are available here: 

  • smartphones that can switch to modem mode, which distributes the Internet via a Wi-Fi signal;
  • Portable WiFi routers that run on their own battery power and work as mobile hotspots;
  • Portable USB modems that connect to laptops and tablets to provide mobility to Internet users outside the apartment and office.  

Since smartphones do not provide the desired speed and WiFi sharing quickly drains the mobile battery power, portable routers and WiFi modems are increasingly chosen as a more convenient and reliable option. Let us have a closer look at the benefits portable modems provide.   

Advantages of Using Portable Modems

A portable modem has several advantages that significantly improve the daily life of a person in the information society.

  1. Convenience. The mobile router is very compact in size, so it easily fits in your pocket and you can use it on the go. It is simple and intuitive to configure and you can easily create your own local network. Portable modems are compatible with almost all modern smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
  2. Secure connection. All routers have a built-in firewall to protect users against external attacks from the Internet. It means they ensure the security of your network by preventing unauthorized access to your computer. As you know, connecting to the Internet via a public Wi-Fi is dangerous for your personal data. 
  3. Ability to create multiple subnets. Through the router, simultaneous Internet access is possible for a number of computers or other portable devices (up to 10): mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, laptops, game consoles, players, cameras with WiFi, as well as computers.  
  4. Autonomy. Since portable modems connect to your laptop, they can work without an electric network and do not risk running low as routers that run on their own built-in batteries. Using a portable modem, you don’t need to fetch and connect additional power cord. 
  5. The best option for people who work and live on the go. You can use portable routers when you cannot access the usual cable Internet: for trips to places with limited access to the Internet (to nature, fishing, to the country), or daily trips to a cafe, library, school, work. A tiny device is convenient to take with you on business trips and presentations. And most importantly, with such a device, you can use the Internet even in the absence of electricity in the network.

Benefits of Modems over Routers

Modern technology has erased the clear boundaries between the definition of a router and a modem.

A Wi-Fi router is distinguished by the ability to distribute the Internet to several types of digital devices at once. It is indispensable if the apartment or office has different access points to the Internet: PCs, tablets, smartphones. Portable modems do not normally perform the function of a router. Nonetheless, the newly introduced solutions do have such a feature equalling the rights of routers and modems.      

A portable modem has several primary advantages with respect to the router:

Battery Life

Most of the router models are powered by rechargeable batteries, which is why they can be mobile only when there is a charge in the battery. The rest of the time they are tied to a power outlet or require a connection to PowerBank. A portable modem connects directly to the laptop and does not require an additional power source.


It interacts not only with laptops but also with stationary computers. For example, it is suitable for providing laptops with non-working batteries that are tied to an outlet with the Internet. It is also supplied with an exit for the antenna more often than router models.


It is worth noting that the cost of the router is slightly higher than of a regular 4G modem. The price normally depends on the router's battery capacity (average capacity is 5-6 hours, maximum - 12 hours), the ability to connect an external antenna to enhance the Internet signal, and the manufacturer. 

Another point to consider here is the Internet plan offered, as you will normally be tied to one provider’s pricing plan. In this respect, the nect MODEM is quite revolutionary, as  it offers an easy switch between a built-in plan and a plan of any other provider of your choice.  

Summing Up 

A portable modem is recommended for those who value quality and reliability. You can take the modem with you without worrying that its battery will be discharged at the wrong time.

Thanks to portable modems, employees of large companies or corporate users are able to receive remote access to private secure networks. Users are able to get joint access to the Internet at any special event: industrial exhibition, retreat corporate, or sports event. Guests and employees can stay in touch with the outside world. Simply put, you just have your own local network in your pocket, which allows you to stay independent and securely connected. Always and anywhere. A great benefit we all need now, don’t we?