Sr. Principal Applications Engineer

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

25+ years experience in semiconductor and telecommunication industries. ? Expertise in embedded systems designs, software and applications engineering. ? In-depth knowledge in real time operating systems, NAND, NOR Flash memories and low level drivers. ? Extensive product experiences in SoC, MCU, memories, and FPGA designs. ? Proven abilities to directly interface customers to promote marketing strategies, provide technical support and resolve difficult issues.

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AI & Machine Learning

Secure Flash for Machine Learning on Edge Devices - Story

April 15, 2020

Initially, cloud computing with all of its ?limitless? capabilities seemed to eliminate the need for edge devices to have any substantial intelligence.

Software & OS

Store Your Boot Code in Secure NOR Flash - Blog

December 05, 2019

Secure booting is the foundation of building secure electronic systems. As process geometries for microcontrollers continue to shrink, on-board embedded Flash is gradually being replaced.


A Comparison of Flash Devices for Embedded System Booting - Story

April 23, 2019

This article explores the pros and cons of different types of Flash memory in the context of embedded system booting.

Articles 1 - 3