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IOTech Announces Edge Connect for Industrial Data Collection & Management - News

August 10, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO. IOTech recently announced the general availability of Edge Connect, a solution designed for acquiring large amounts of data in complex multi-protocol industrial environments. Industrial IoT applications play significant roles in sectors like manufacturing and energy, but before organizations can benefit from these applications, they must first connect the edge devices and collect that data — a complex and time-consuming process. Edge Connect aims to simplify this process to enable fast deployment of new edge-based use cases.


IOTech Offers Edge Solution for Industrial IoT and Time-Critical OT Systems - News

July 13, 2022

The Edge XRT v2.0 is available from IOTech. This is a significant release of its open software platform, which is intended for time-critical and embedded OT applications at the industrial IoT edge.

AI & Machine Learning

IOTech and Lotus Labs Partner to Deliver AI and Visual Inference at the IoT Edge - News

September 01, 2021

An edge software platform combined with computer vision technology provides a more accurate real-time operational picture from the fusion of video analytics and conventional sensor data.


IOTech Releases Edge XRT, Time-Critical Edge Platform for Microsoft Azure Sphere - News

May 05, 2021

IOTech announced the release of Edge XRT, a time-critical edge platform for Microsoft Azure Sphere.


IoT and the Time-Critical Edge - Story

July 07, 2020

Challenges faced by IoT deployments related to latency, network bandwidth, reliability, and security cannot be addressed by cloud-only models, so the focus of IoT is moving towards the edge.