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AI & Machine Learning

MicroAI Demonstrates Edge-Native AI at CES - News

January 05, 2022

MicroAI announced that it will be demonstrating its Launchpad quick-start deployment tool and MicroAI Security software at this year’s CES exhibition.


Real-Time Intrusion Detection for Connected Edge and Endpoint Devices Made Possible by MicroAI Security - News

December 21, 2021

MicroAI announced MicroAI Security to better protect critical assets, IoT devices, and industrial and manufacturing systems from cyber security exploitations.

AI & Machine Learning

Edge Native AI for Flexibility in Developing and Designing Smart Systems - Blog

December 09, 2021

The progress in the field of OEM products comes at the cost of increasing complexities in the design and architecture of the systems. As the most trending feature contributing to this type of progress, Edge AI brings out the issue of compatible platforms for such dynamic development and designing. 


MicroAI Launchpad Accelerates Development of Smart Systems with Edge-Native AI - News

November 12, 2021

MicroAI announced MicroAI Launchpad, a quick start development and deployment tool.

AI & Machine Learning

MicroAI to Bring AI Training to Renesas MCUs - News

September 22, 2021

MicroAI announced that it has integrated its MicroAI AtomML technology with the Renesas RA Microcontroller (MCU) product line.