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Power Integrations Pushes GaN Flyback Switcher ICs to 900 V - Blog

March 31, 2023

Power Integrations has made a name for itself in high-voltage ICs for energy-efficient power conversion. Recently, the company released a 900-V gallium-nitride (GaN) extension to the company’s InnoSwitch3 family of flyback switcher ICs. Designed with the company’s patented PowiGaN technology, the devices can deliver up to 100 watts with more than 93% efficiency, eliminating the need for heat sinks and thereby simplifying the design of space-challenged applications.

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Power Integrations Expands InnoSwitch4-CZ Integrated Switcher Family to 220 W - News

June 01, 2022

Power Integrations announced an expanded offering of the InnoSwitch4-CZ family of high-frequency, zero-voltage switching (ZVS) flyback controller ICs.

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Power Integrations' HiperLCS-2 Chipset Boosts LLC Converter & Company Announces Quasi-Resonant PFC IC with 750 V GaN Switch - News

April 11, 2022

Power Integrations announced the energy-saving HiperLCS-2 chipset, a new IC family that is designed to simplify the design and manufacture of LLC resonant power converters. The company also announced the HiperPFS-5 family of power-factor-correction (PFC) ICs with an integrated 750 V PowiGaN gallium-nitride switch


Power Integrations Introduces Automotive-Qualified High-Voltage Switcher ICs with 1700 V SiC MOSFET - News

February 07, 2022

Power Integrations announced the addition of two new AEC-Q100 qualified, 1700-volt rated ICs to its InnoSwitch3-AQ family.

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Dev Kit Weekly: Power Integrations' BridgeSwitch RDK-852 - Video

November 12, 2021


The RDK-852 is a reference design for a 200 W three-phase inverter that delivers 200 W of continuous output power and a continuous current of .62 Amps per phase to brushless DC motors. Therefore, the kit comes with field-oriented control capabilities while also being incredibly efficient.

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Reduce BOM, Increase Efficiency Thanks to the Latest Power Components - Blog

October 01, 2021

Power Integrations, a major player in the power components space, recently unveiled a pair of products that can reduce BOM cost, simplify design, and increase efficiency.