Dev Kit Weekly: Power Integrations' BridgeSwitch RDK-852

November 12, 2021



How efficient, you ask? So efficient that you hope to score this high on your exams in college. Overall, the inverter delivers 97 percent efficiency as a high-voltage motor driver.

But how does it achieve that impressive efficiency, you ask? That all starts with three onboard Power Integrations BridgeSwitch BRD1263C devices.

The BridgeSwitch portfolio is a line of integrated half-bridge drivers for brushless DC motors. And the one we’re focusing on today, the BRD1263C, exhibits all the features the family has to offer at 99.2% efficiency. This is so efficient in fact that it eliminates the need for an external heat sink, which you’ll also note isn’t present on the RDK-852 kit either.

The BRD1263C, in this InSOP-24C package, is built on 600V N-channel power FREDFET transistors, which allow for ultra-soft switching. And, if you haven’t heard of a FREDFET before, I’ll spell it out for you FAST RECOVERY epitaxial diode field effect transistor.

So yeah, it’s ultra-fast, too.

It’s easy to take motor technology for granted, because it’s everywhere. But man are they cool. And they’re even cooler when you consider all the sophisticated power electronics behind them. And they’re even COOLER when you can tinker around with that tech yourself with a kit like the RDK-852.

And guess what? You can. The RDK 852 is available from distributors like Digi-Key for $93.75. But hurry, as we speak there are only five in stock. And, given everything going on in the world of electronic parts, who knows when another one might be available.

I can tell you when one will be available, though, and that’s right now. If you enter this week’s raffle, you could be opening up your mailbox to this RDK-852. And no, there won’t be a 10-12 week lead time. And best of all, it’s free.

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That brings us to the end of this week’s Dev Kit Weekly, but if you’re building a consumer appliance or power tools or robotics, or really anything that requires precision motor control, make sure you start with the right foundation by checking out power subsystem components at

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next week.