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Safeguard Meters from Magnetic Tampering with New LinkSwith-XT2 Design - News

August 19, 2021

Utility meters need to work without interruption and often under adverse conditions. From full load to light load, through line surges, or even when being tampered with, meters require rugged and efficient power supplies to deliver power without fail.

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Switcher ICs from Power Integrations up efficiency while reducing component count - Blog

June 30, 2021

Power Integrations has upped the game in the switching power-supply space with the release of its LinkSwitch-TNZ ICs. The devices combine offline power conversion, lossless zero-cross detection and, optionally, X-capacitor discharge functions, all in a compact SO-8C package. The parts can be used for non-isolated buck and buck-boost power supplies with an output current of up to 575 mA and can provide up to 12 W output for universal-input isolated flyback designs. These are specs that are suited for smart home and appliance applications.

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Power Integrations Introduces InnoSwitch4-CZ Flyback Switcher ICs for Mobile Charging Devices - News

May 24, 2021

Power Integrations announced the InnoSwitch4-CZ family of high frequency, zero voltage switching (ZVS) flyback switcher ICs.

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Power Integrations Releases Three Products During PCIM Europe 2021 - News

May 10, 2021

Power Integrations, provider of high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, released three new products during the 2021 PCIM Europe Digital Days.

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Power Integrations Releases LNK3207, Adds to LinkSwitch-TN2 AC-DC Converter Family - News

April 01, 2021

Power Integrations announced the release of its LNK3207, the newest member of the company’s LinkSwitch™-TN2 AC-DC converter family.

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Power Integrations Releases LYT6078C, IC - News

September 28, 2020

Power Integrations announced the release of the LYT6078C, the company's newest product within the LYTSwitch-6 family of safety-isolated LED drivers for smart lighting applications.

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Power Integrations? Switcher IC Family Adds Three PowiGaN Devices - News

April 27, 2020

Power Integrations announced its InnoSwitch3-MX isolated switcher IC family has been expanded by adding three PowiGaN devices.