Power Integrations Releases Three Products During PCIM Europe 2021

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 10, 2021


Power Integrations Releases Three Products During PCIM Europe 2021
(Image Courtesy of Power Integrations)

Power Integrations, provider of high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, released three new products during the 2021 PCIM Europe Digital Days.

The first product is the Motor-Expert software, an embedded “C” code application, library, and control GUI that enables designers using the company’s BridgeSwitch brushless DC (BLDC) motor driver ICs to control and tune single-phase motors. BLDC motors are used in modern, high-efficiency appliances such as compressors, fans and water pumps in domestic appliances, and for ceiling fans and room air conditioning systems.

BLDC motors ideally use three windings (phases) requiring six high-voltage IGBTs or MOSFETs to operate. Motor-Expert software supports the cost-effective single-phase motor architecture. It supports both sensor and sensorless operation, providing developers with additional system cost-reduction options and is transportable to embedded microcontrollers.

Motor tuning is performed through the Motor-Expert user interface with new control loop coefficients being updated in real time without having to recompile code. The interface also enables users to visualize system operation, displaying the status of data including current, speed, status, current error, and speed error. A diagnostics field within the software interface provides insight into inverter and motor operation.

The Motor-Expert software features speed and current control loop functions. The API-based software architecture enables new use cases and functions to be added and allows users to port the software to their favorite microcontroller or combine with other code in a system CPU. The software meets static (MISRA) and dynamic performance profiling covering latency, jitter, and execution time. It requires only 14 kB code memory and 5 kB SRAM, suiting it to microcontrollers with small memory capabilities. The BridgeSwitch motor drive IC can pair with 3 V and 5 V MCUs and removes the need for an external shunt resistor.

The BridgeSwitch integrated half-bridge IC family is designed to simplify the development and production of high-voltage, inverter-driven single- or multi-phase PM, and BLDC motor drives. Per the company, the efficiency and distributed thermal footprint architecture of BridgeSwitch motor drives eliminates the need for a heatsink, reducing system cost and weight. Built-in hardware motor overcurrent protection is designed to enhance safety and reliability, and simplify IEC 60335-01 and IEC 60730-01 certification, reducing time-to-market.

The Motor-Expert GUI operation, software manual and hardware documentation for the BridgeSwitch BLDC motor-drive family of ICs is available from the Power Integrations website at: https://www.power.com/bridgeswitch

Power Integrations also announced a new SCALE-2 gate driver for 130 x 140 mm single IGBT high-power (IHM) modules, commonly used in railway and other long-life applications. Comprising the 1SP0630V2M1R main driver, 1SP0635D2S1R peripheral driver and ISO6125R-33 power supply, the new SCALE-2 plug-and-play gate drivers streamline system development and installation. The new gate drivers are designed to benefit systems requiring parallel modules for additional power in both electrical and mechanical design.

The compact SCALE-2 gate drivers match the footprint of the smaller IHM single-channel IGBT-module formats with 1200 A to 1400 A output current and 3300 V IGBT blocking voltage. 1SP063xxxx1R gate drivers are available to suit IHM modules from manufacturers, including Infineon, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and ABB. Power Integrations’ SCALE-2 technology uses an ASIC chipset to reduce component count and size. SCALE-2 gate drivers enable designers to optimize dynamic switching performance, accuracy and functionality, and include advanced active clamping circuitry to protect the IGBT.

Per the company, the 1SP063xxxx1R gate drivers meet IEC 61373 specifications for shock and vibration and IEC 60068-2-xx environmental requirements. Units are also EMC-qualified according to EN 50121-3-2 and IEC 6100-4-x. With standard conformal coating, the new gate drivers can also undergo burn-in on request for added reliability. Improved connectors increase interconnection security and facilitate fast release without tooling. Fiber-optic interfaces are provided.

1SP063xxxx1R gate drivers include protection features such as Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping, short-circuit and under-voltage lock-out. Failure status output is also provided. The new rail gate drivers are available now.

Lastly, Power Integrations announced that its automotive-qualified InnoSwitch™3-AQ flyback switcher IC family is now available with a member rated to 900 V, providing greater headroom for 400 V and 800 V electric vehicle inverter, battery management, and climate control applications. The InnoSwitch3-AQ family combines primary and secondary controllers plus safety-rated feedback circuitry into a single IC. This allows accurate output voltage regulation, low component count, and configuration options for operation over the wide input voltage range of 30 V to 1200 V.

Per the company, the constant voltage (CV) regulated AEC-Q100-qualified InnoSwitch3-AQ switcher ICs achieve up to 90% efficiency across the load range and consume less than 15 mW under no-load conditions. Output power is up to 20 W at 85 °C ambient temperature and 400 VDC input for the 900 V family. Devices incorporate a multi-mode Quasi-Resonant (QR) / CCM / DCM flyback controller, 900 V switch, and Power Integrations’ high speed FluxLink communications link that enables accurate regulation in the compact InSOP24 package and provides reinforced isolation up to 5500 m altitude. InnoSwitch3-AQ ICs operate down to 30 VDC, enabling automotive designers to use the device in traction inverter emergency power supply applications.

InnoSwitch3-AQ family devices include multiple protection features for automotive applications including input over-voltage and under-voltage protection, output over-voltage and over-current limiting, and over-temperature shutdown.

A new design reference, DER-889Q, is available with a 15 W power supply that supports 30 VDC to 1200 VDC input and 12 V / 1.25 A output. The 30 VDC to 921 VDC DER-859Q describes the operation of InnoSwitch3-AQ in 800 V bus applications delivering up to 30 W. Both designs employ PI’s StackFET technology. The additional circuitry may be omitted for 400 VDC designs. The new InnoSwitch3-AQ INN3996CQ ICs are priced at $2 in volume product quantities.

For further inquiries contact a Power Integrations sales representative or one of the company’s authorized worldwide distributors: Digi-KeyFarnellMouser, and RS Components.

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