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Articles related to Twilio

Achieving Future-Proof, No Vendor-Lock-In IoT Connectivity with a Microvisor Architecture - Blog

April 17, 2023

IoT projects need reliable infrastructure that keeps your devices connected, secure, and ideally also perpetually accessible for over-the-air firmware updates to support ongoing maintenance and feature development – all as you scale from a few prototypes to possibly hundreds of thousands of units.


Achieving Secure Live Remote Debugging of Connected Microcontrollers with a Microvisor Architecture - Blog

February 17, 2023

Adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continual improvement, flexible responses to changes in requirements – all these agile practices are considered standard in modern software development. Yet firmware development for connected devices seems stuck in the past; bound to follow the waterfall model that ends with the shipping of devices.


Achieving Unbrickable Remote Firmware Updates on MCUs with a Microvisor Architecture - Blog

January 16, 2023

For many years, microcontrollers have been a staple in various products, continuously revolutionizing their feature sets, reliability, and performance. Moore's Law has brought 16- and 32-bit processing to even the smallest and most affordable consumer products.