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Networking & 5G

The Acceleration of 5G Rollouts Will Drive Worldwide mMIMO Deployments to Reach 32 Million by 2026 - News

December 07, 2021

Global mobile data traffic is expected to grow at a six-year Compound Annual Growth Rate of 97%, reaching to 1331 exabyte in 2025, up from 23 exabyte in 2019. This increase in traffic is driving mobile operators to accelerate 5G rollouts, with Massive Multiple Input/Multiple Output (mMIMO) as a key enabler.

Networking & 5G

Next Generation 5G-Oriented Core Networks Drive Evolution of Telco Cloud-Native Technology - News

October 13, 2021

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) seek to automate and transform their network and telco cloud infrastructure to capture new growth. This transformation is being driven by growth in user data demand, an increasingly complex network, a need to lower cost of operations, and new B2B revenue growth tied to 5G adoption.


By 2025, Over 7 Billion Antennas will be Shipped into IoT Devices, Creating Challenges for OEMs and Opportunities for Antenna Vendors - News

September 15, 2021

ABI Research’s recent whitepaper highlights the challenges of integrating antennas into IoT devices, and what OEMs can do to simplify their path to market.

Networking & 5G

Survey reveals 5G Positioning is in Demand - News

June 25, 2021

ABI Research predicts 5G positioning to drive adoption of RTLS solutions, however, current 5G roadmap will prevent large scale rollouts before 2025


Flagship Devices are Driving Shipments of 5G mmWave Smartphones to 128 Million in 2021 - News

June 24, 2021

The 5G smartphone market is accelerating at a substantial rate.

Networking & 5G

ABI Research Looks into the Differentiation in 5G Handsets - News

June 03, 2021

ABI Research sees the future of 5G, and it is coming.


ABI Research Releases ‘Indoor, Outdoor, and IoT Network Infrastructure Market Data Report’ - News

February 19, 2021

A new report published by ABI Research, titled, “Indoor, Outdoor, and IoT Network Infrastructure market data report” outlines how the installed base mMIMO market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 63.8% between 2020 to 2026 and reach US$58.2 billion by 2026.