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White Paper: Put the Power of Industry 4.0 in Your Pocket: Meet the Pocket IO - Other

March 01, 2017

Maxim's Pocket IO PLC Development Platform provides designers and industrial engineers the flexibility to experiment, to find the best solution for reduced power dissipation and small form factors...


How Wearables and Patient-Generated Data Can Improve Healthcare - Story

December 02, 2016

Heidi Dohse grew up as an athlete--swimming competitively, playing soccer, running track. 

Analog & Power

Five Minutes With Tony Stratakos, VP of Advanced R&D, Maxim - Video

June 23, 2015

Tony is an analog and power guy, and frankly, there are fewer and fewer of these people around today. We had an interesting five-minute discussion about whether analog would actually go away at some p