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Software & OS

Take a Break - The Break Statement in C - Blog

November 19, 2020

In the early days of programming, the first high-level languages very much followed the pattern of assembly language.


Medical Device Security and Achieving Regulatory Approval - Story

November 17, 2020

Today, the security of medical devices is becoming extremely important to assure customers & patients that interact with your devices that their health & their personal information is taken seriously.

Software & OS

Multicore System Management: Hypervisor or Multicore Framework? - Whitepaper

September 02, 2020

Multicore embedded systems are becoming increasingly common. This paper looks at using a hypervisor or multicore framework, or both, to control and mange a multicore system, which is a critical...

Software & OS

Moving from an RTOS to Linux- (Practical Insights Nobody's Telling You) - Whitepaper

August 28, 2020

There are many things to consider when moving from RTOS to Linux for embedded projects. This white paper provides practical information so developers can be fully aware of the trade-offs and the...

Software & OS

Free Software! - Blog

August 13, 2020

The "free apps" folks are so surprised when I pay, say $1.99 for an app. I commonly think, generally I know, that I am getting a bargain.

Software & OS

Bottom Up or Top Down? - Blog

June 16, 2020

There are, broadly speaking, two distinct approaches to the design of software: bottom-up or top-down.

Software & OS

Embedded OS: real-time or not? - Blog

November 21, 2019

OS selection is quite a large subject and there are many nuances, and this is a matter that I have written about many times. Today I wanted to ponder the matter of time; what model of time is relevant