Multicore System Management: Hypervisor or Multicore Framework?

September 02, 2020


Multicore System Management: Hypervisor or Multicore Framework?

Multicore embedded systems are becoming increasingly common. This paper looks at using a hypervisor or multicore framework, or both, to control and mange a multicore system, which is a critical...

Multicore processors are being adopted at an increasing rate in embedded systems, which means that embedded developers have some important design decisions to make. One of the first is how to control and manage the multicore system: through a hypervisor or multicore framework?
This white paper examines the use of a hypervisor, multicore framework, or both in managing a multicore system, and considers the advantages and disadvantages of each in real-time, safety critical, mixed-criticality system designs. While the final choice will always be based on the engineer and specific application requirements, this paper’s findings may surprise you.

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