Devkit Specifications

BeagleBone Green

Seeed Studio

This lower-cost version of the BeagleBone Black removes the microHDMI connector to make room for additional connectors, such as two Grove headers, while maintaining compatibility with its predecessor. The TI Sitara also includes NEON floating-point and a 3D graphics accelerator for intensive multimedia and image processing applications.

Item Specification
Chip Texas Instruments Sitara AM3358BZCZ100 Processor
Compute • 32-bit ARM Cortex-A8 at 1 GHz
Memory • 4Kb EEPROM
• 32 Kb L1 Cache
• 256 Kb L2 Cache with ECC
• 512 MB DDR3L RAM at 800 MHz (Micron)
• 4 GB eMMC (Micron)
• MicroSD
I/O and Peripherals • Analog Input
• Ethernet PHY through RJ45 (SMSC)
• GPIO (2x 46-pin headers (CAN, General-Purpose Memory Controller (GPMC), I2C, LCD, McASP, MMC, PWM, Serial, SPI, TMR, etc.)
• Grove Connectors (x2ÔóI2C, UART)
• Serial Debug
• USB 2.0
Software • Android
• Angstrom
• BoneScript (node.js)
• Cloud9 IDE
• Debian
• Gentoo
• Ubuntu