Devkit Specifications

UC3-A3 Xplained

Microchip Technology

The AT32UC3A3256 on the UC3-A3 Xplained kit is preprogrammed with a USB bootloader, as well as demonstration firmware for the QTouch button and QTouch Slider. AVR ONE! And JTAGICE 3 sold separately.

Item Specification
Chip Microchip AT32UC3A3256 MCU
Compute • 32-bit AVR MCU at up to 84 MHz
Memory • 256 kB Flash (AT32UC3A3256)
• 128 kB SRAM
• 64 MB External SDRAM
I/O and Peripherals • ADC
• Pushbutton
• 4x 10-pin Expansion Headers
• QTouch Button
• QTouch Slider
• RC Filter
• Temperature Sensor
Software • Atmel Studio IDE
• Atmel Flexible In-system Programmer (FLIP)
• Atmel JTAGICE 3
• Atmel AVR ONE!
• Atmel Software Framework (ASF)