Devkit Specifications

4-Channel ADC Breakouts

Adafruit Industries

The ADS1115 (16-bit resolution, 8 to 860 Samples/Second) and ADS1015 (12-bit Resolution, 128 to 3300 Samples/Second) 4-channel breakout boards are perfect for adding high-resolution analog to digital conversion to any microprocessor-based project. These boards can run with power and logic signals between 2v to 5v, so they are compatible with all common 3.3v and 5v processors. As many of 4 of these boards can be controlled from the same 2-wire I2C bus for up to 16 single-ended or 8 differential channels.

Item Specification
I/O and Peripherals • Internal Oscillator
• Internal PGA (up to x16)
• I2C Interface (4-pin Selectable Addresses)
• 4 Single-Ended Inputs or 2 Differential Inputs
• Programmable Comparator
Software • ADS1x15 Library for Arduino
• Circuit Python