e-con Systems

Maharajan Veerabahu is co-founder and vice president of product design services of e-con Systems. He and his co-founders, Harishankkar Subramanyam and Ashok Babu Kunjukkannan, got together early in their professional journey and decided to leave their well-paying jobs to take a plunge into entrepreneurship. A first-time entrepreneur, Veerabahu has a deep passion for building products.

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Analog & Power

The Most Effective Methods to Achieve High Dynamic Range Imaging - Blog

February 28, 2024

HDR imaging significantly enhances the performance of embedded vision systems, notably in environments with challenging lighting conditions. This advanced imaging technology equips these systems with the capability to capture visuals that exhibit remarkable clarity and detail. The core of HDR lies in its ability to process a wide spectrum of light, from the brightest highlights to the darkest shadows, thus enabling cameras to accurately capture the full range of light in a scene.

AI & Machine Learning

How Embedded Vision Cameras and AI Technology Empower Pharmacy Automation - Blog

November 01, 2023

Modern camera technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) ensure that pharmacy automation is an integral part of medical innovation that helps improve patient care. They guarantee that efficiency and accuracy are maintained throughout the entire pharmaceutical process.

Articles 1 - 2