Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager


Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager for Parasoft’s embedded testing solutions. He has expertise in software compliance to industry standards, the SDLC and test automation of embedded real-time, safety- and security-critical systems.

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The Benefits of Containerization for Embedded Systems - Blog

February 23, 2023

Containers are an evolutionary standardized and portable packaging technology. They were first introduced for web applications and microservices development and deployment, gaining wide adoption in the IT industry.


How UNECE WP.29 Put the Brakes on Automotive Cybersecurity Threats - Story

December 07, 2021

For the past 5 years, most car manufacturers have incorporated advanced hardware capable of providing driver-assistance capabilities, such as automated steering, breaking, adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, collision avoidance, lane change assistance, and much more.


Designing Safe & Secure Embedded Systems Best Practices - Story

April 21, 2021

Software development projects for embedded systems are faced with a variety of challenges.

Articles 1 - 3