Director, Principal Security Architect, Head of Security Research


Experienced Researcher and tech leader with a demonstrated history of working in the EV industry. Skilled in-vehicle security, autonomous driving security, and data protection. In addition, Yueqiang is in charge of cybersecurity regulation, such as WP29 and ISO 21434, etc. Strong research professional with a Ph.D. focused on System Security, software security, data protection, and hardware security.

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Protecting Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations: Allying Cybersecurity Concerns for the Vehicle and the User - Story

July 11, 2022

The International Energy Agency has predicted that there may be as many as 125 million electric vehicles [EV] on the road by 2030. Some consortiums and experts believe that to be a conservative number, and might be more than 200 million.

Articles 1 - 1