VP of Business Development & Operations

Sequitur Labs

Seasoned B2B marketing executive with over 25 years? experience in various aspects of strategic and operational marketing. Broad skillset encompassing marketing strategy, partner marketing, digital marketing, market analysis and forecasting with a specific focus on marketing to IT decision makers. Experience working in startups and mature companies.

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Industrial IoT drives growth in the mobile crane market - Other

February 07, 2017

Lifting or lowering heavy objects is a crucial element of industrial sectors such as construction and building, transportation, and maritime logistics...


IoT security starts with secure boot - Blog

January 19, 2017

Securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices is at the top of everyone’s list – or so it seems. Wherever you look there is a new story of more compromised devices that reminds everyone, once again,...

Articles 1 - 2