Global Head of Technology Marketing

Newark Element 14

Development and management of technology related product roadmaps, competitive positioning, customer segmentation and go to market strategy for professional and educational segments. Experience in product and system level global market identification for the Tier 1 OEM space as well as Tier 2 & 3 mass market. Commercial marketing promotion through digital advertising including SEO, PPC, print, show and website development.

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Analog & Power

The Modularization of Electronic System Design - Story

February 25, 2021

A quiet revolution has taken place in electronics hardware design. As silicon integration has continued (fed by the economics of Moore’s Law), engineers have gradually moved from developing mostly at the component and circuit level to working more with board, modules, and subsystems.


Fostering Embedded Security Through Smarter Design - Story

February 07, 2020

Today?s lightning-fast, increasingly interconnected world provides us with the opportunity to dramatically add value to the embedded systems we use every day.


Sensors: The IoT Enablers - Blog

July 26, 2019

Sensors are the components that provide the actionable insights that power the IoT and enable organizations to make more effective business decisions.


Taking the dev kit from prototype to solution - Blog

July 06, 2017

Development kits, aka dev kits, are driving innovation in a number of areas. From wireless and sensing, to the IoT and power management, dev kits are an essential part of the early stage design...

Open Source

Democratizing IoT design with open source development boards and communities - Other

March 22, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the heart of what the World Economic Forum has identified as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an economic, technical, and cultural transformation that combines...

Open Source

History of the development kit - Other

January 15, 2015

In its truest form, a single board computer (SBC) generally refers to a single PC board with the processor, memory, and some type of I/O that allows i...

Articles 1 - 6