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Franco de Lorenzo joined u-blox in 2018 as Principal Product Manager for Positioning services and tools. In 2020, he transitioned to the Product Center Services as Principal Product Manager for PointPerfect and AssistNow services. Prior to this, Franco was Director of Product Management for IoT and RTLS at HD Wireless. He previously also held the position of VP of Operations International at AiRISTAFlow and VP of Engineering RTLS while working at Ekahau.

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Getting to the Point: Achieving Sub-10cm Location Data to Unlock Next-Gen Autonomous Equipment - Blog

April 14, 2022

You’ll no doubt have read about the increasingly autonomous vehicles appearing on our streets. You may have seen adverts for robotic lawnmowers. And you’ve probably heard how autonomous equipment is transforming virtually every industry. There’s huge excitement around the opportunities this type of self-guiding technology promises – not least its ability to liberate humans to spend more time on high-value tasks where machines can’t (yet) compete.

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