Director Of User Experience

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As a trained engineer and current director of user experience, I bring a wide variety of skills to any project I work on. I focus on solving problems in ways that address the needs of all stakeholders on a project, including business, technology and usability. As an experienced instructor and technical trainer, I focus on imparting knowledge to my students in ways that will be both conducive to long term learning and immediately useful in their daily lives. For fun, I'm avid 3D printing hobbyist

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Connected Cars Deliver Convenience Along with Security Risks - Blog

April 22, 2019

This connection enables conveniences that were unimaginable a decade ago, like the ability to buy movie tickets, make restaurant reservations and check in with every friend in a one mile radius.

Software & OS

Focus on UX Mitigates Driver Distraction - Blog

February 26, 2019

This article will explore the pros and cons of several common input technologies and demonstrate how employing best practices of UX design can help impel drivers to keep their hands on the wheel.


Getting a Voice User Experience Right is Harder Than You Think - Story

October 12, 2018

Every day, more devices are hitting the market with a voice user interface (VUI) component. Google, Apple, and other technology companies have jumped into the fray and are tripping over each other.

Articles 1 - 3