Director of Language Research


1980-2000: Chief Scientist -- Intermetrics, Inc. and AverStar; 1990-1995: Lead Designer -- Ada 95; 2000-2002: CTO -- AverCom Corp (A Titan Company); 2002-2012: Founder -- SofCheck, Inc.; 2009-present: Designer -- ParaSail Programming Language; 2012-present: Director of Language Research -- AdaCore Specialties: Static Error Detection for Software, Programming Language Design and Implementation, Programming Language Standardization, Parallel Programming, Web-Based Project Database

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Where the software meets the road: Certifying the safety of self-driving cars - Other

December 02, 2017

How do you prove a vehicle can safely operate autonomously? You might not be able to as the systems are currently envisioned. So are self-driving car efforts doomed before they really begin?

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