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Analog & Power

CEA-Leti Unveils Breakthrough for Mass-Market, High-Performance, Navigation-Grade Gyroscopes - News

December 29, 2021

Working with researchers at Politecnico di Milano, CEA-Leti has developed the world's smallest-footprint MEMS gyroscope that is capable of providing navigation-grade performance. The researchers were able to meet these specifications with a sensor footprint of only 1.3 mm2 by leveraging nano-resistive sensing.


CEA-Leti Launches Direct Analysis to Bring Speed And Efficiency to Food-Safety Testing - Press Release

June 02, 2021

70th Startup Highlights the World-Class, Basic-Research Institute’s Culture of Encouraging Entrepreneurship Among its Scientists.


CEA-Leti Reports High-Performance Gyroscope For Automotive, Aeronautic, and Industrial Applications - News

January 26, 2021

World’s First NEMS-Based Gyroscope Operates at 50 kHz in Severe Environments

AI & Machine Learning

CEA-Leti Scientists Demonstrate Machine Learning Technique Exploiting RRAM Devices - News

January 19, 2021

CEA-Leti announced that its scientists have demonstrated a machine-learning technique exploiting what used to be considered non-ideal traits of RRAM devices. This overcomes barriers in the development of RRAM-based edge-learning systems.

Networking & 5G

CEA-Leti Announces Demo of Full Data-Transfer Silicon Photonics Module Delivering 100 Gb/s and Develops Building Blocks for Tb/s - Other

June 23, 2020

According to the company, this demonstration opens the way to technology that allows a reduction in the cost, the power consumption.

Analog & Power

CEA-Leti Scientists Demonstrate CMOS Device Fabrication at 500?C - News

June 23, 2020

VLSI 2020 Paper Details First Proof of Integration of FDSOI CMOS Devices Processed at 500°C, for Further 3D Monolithic Integration.


CEA-Leti Demonstrates Architecture for HPC Devices Using Gate-All-Around Nanosheet Fabrication Process - News

June 15, 2020

CEA-Leti demonstrated a fabrication of a gate-all-around (GAA) nanosheet device. The new device is to be used as an alternative to FinFET technology.