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Articles related to GetWireless

Embedded Toolbox: Connect IoT PoCs in Four Minutes Flat - Video

October 08, 2021

Individually, the various components that make up an IoT system are well understood:

  • A sensor that captures data
  • A serial bus that communicates data to an edge processor
  • An edge processor that writes data to memory
  • A wireless link like cellular that transmits data to a local or remote cloud
  • A web dashboard that allows users to observe data as information and do something with it
Networking & 5G

Stay On Track in Your 5G Journey - Video

September 21, 2021

The 5G train has left the station and it’s picking up steam. With the technology surrounding the wireless medium fairly locked down, it’s time to set our focus on the ancillary technologies, including the methods in which you connect to the IoT. That’s the bailiwick of GetWireless, a value-added distributor with a strong portfolio of embedded modules, end-device modems, intelligent gateways, and signal boosters.