Embedded Toolbox: Connect IoT PoCs in Four Minutes Flat

October 08, 2021


Simple, right?

Well, it is until you start putting it all together. This is where proof of concepts come in, but stringing those different components together into even a rudimentary PoC can be a significant undertaking if you don't have the required skillset. For instance, managing data from the edge over the Internet and into a cloud orchestration platform that supports your application can be particularly tricky.

It can be so tricky in fact that micro industries have popped up around it. In this episode of Embedded Toolbox, David Smith, Vice President of IoT Solutions at value added distributor GetWireless, demonstrates how IoT hopefuls can have a working end-to-end prototype up and running in four minutes. Seriously.

Leveraging the Sierra Wireless FX30 IoT cellular modem and the Octave Developer Hub, David walks us through device configuration, provisioning, and data orchestration that spans edge to cloud. This even includes configuring a Modbus interface on the device and viewing data through a web dashboard.

He continues to explain how GetWireless, can help IoT organizations scale prototypes like this one into production, be they on cellular, LoRa, or most any type of wireless infrastructure.

Tune in to get your IoT PoC running in four minutes flat.

For more on the Sierra Wireless FX30 IoT cellular modem, visit www.getwirelessllc.com/product/fx30-programmable-iot-gateway.

For more on the Sierra Wireless Octave Developer Hub, visit www.getwirelessllc.com/sierra-wireless-octave.

For more on GetWireless products, services, and engineerinig capabilities, visit www.getwirelessllc.com.