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Septentrio and SparkFun Allow The Most Dangerous Game - News

October 16, 2023

Leuven, Belgium. Septentrio in collaboration with SparkFun Electronics sees the mosaic-X5 GPS/GNSS module receiver being integrated in a new evaluation kit from SparkFun, creating a consistent centimeter-level RTK positioning. The breakout board supports high-accuracy tri-band positioning aiding in signal interference such as jamming and spoofing. Data is accumulated and allows for the user to operate and monitor the receiver utilizing the web interface with no further code needed.


Modular Interfacing Ecosystem Provides Wide Range of Options for Dynamic Applications - Blog

July 27, 2021

MicroMod Cards from SparkFun are one of the significant modular interfacing ecosystems. The ecosystem comes with a provision of interchangeable processors and carrier boards, thus allowing rapid prototypes and development for dynamic changes in the projects. The latest MicroMod Teensy processor board enhances the MicroMod applications featuring its Arm Cortex-M7 core.

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QuickLogic, SparkFun, and Crowd Supply Launch the SparkFun Thing Plus - QuickLogic EOS S3 Development Kit - News

March 15, 2021

QuickLogic announced that it is co-launching the new SparkFun Thing Plus – QuickLogic EOS S3 development kit, featuring a small form factor board with a QuickLogic EOS S3 SoC with Crowd Supply and SparkFun Electronics.