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QuickLogic Announces Australis eFPGA IP Generator - News

September 09, 2021

QuickLogic Corporation, a developer of ultra-low power, multi-core, voice-enabled SoCs, embedded FPGA IP, and Endpoint AI solutions, announced its Australis embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP Generator. This tool is a culmination of the company’s three decades of deep domain expertise in designing and shipping programmable logic architectures that are silicon-efficient and manufacturable at scale, implemented using the silicon automation design techniques of the OpenFPGA open-source framework.

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QuickLogic, SparkFun, and Crowd Supply Launch the SparkFun Thing Plus - QuickLogic EOS S3 Development Kit - News

March 15, 2021

QuickLogic announced that it is co-launching the new SparkFun Thing Plus – QuickLogic EOS S3 development kit, featuring a small form factor board with a QuickLogic EOS S3 SoC with Crowd Supply and SparkFun Electronics.

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QuickLogic Releases the Qomu Development Kit - News

February 24, 2021

QuickLogic announced the release of its  Qomu development kit, a tiny form factor Arm® Cortex®-M4F MCU + eFPGA combination that fits into a USB Type A port.


QuickLogic Announces Open Reconfigurable Computing Initiative - News

June 16, 2020

QuickLogic Open Reconfigurable Computing (QORC) initiative broadens access to company's FPGA technology and eFPGA IP for all embedded systems developers .

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QuickLogic to Show How Edge AI is Powering Next Generation Consumer Devices at CES 2020 - News

January 06, 2020

QuickLogic, a developer of ultra-low power multi-core voice-enabled SoCs, embedded FPGA IP, and Endpoint AI solutions will be showcasing how its products enable AI-based voice control.

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New Chilkat EOS S3AI HDK from QuickLogic Enables Fast AI Endpoint Development for Consumer and Wearable Applications - Press Release

August 28, 2019

Easy evaluation of EOS S3AI platform and Time-Series AI Solution with Chilkat Hardware Development Kit. Includes a 90-day trial period of the SensiML Analytics Toolkit.